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Clyde Valley Friday night net.
Topic Started: Saturday, 14. April 2018, 19:38 (590 Views)
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108 Charlie Tango 511

Over the past few weeks the Friday night net has been growing and last nights was a corker with stations all over the Glasgow, Ayrshire, Clyde coast as well as stations from Northern Ireland, Eire and a couple of stations in Stranrear.

A big hand goes to Stu 108CT1642 for getting this net up and running and as word spreads we get more names in the log every week.

There's also another net on the same night the North/North East Scotland net and as our net died down for the night I managed to have a good qso with a couple of the stations up there - Scott 108CT197 and Ean Not bad for a 218 mile trip.

Clyde Valley Friday night net 27.405usb 1900 - 2100 - https://www.facebook.com/groups/clydevalley/

North/North East cb net - https://www.facebook.com/groups/122273285264583/?ref=group_header

Midweek net on ukfm ch14 on a Wed evening anytime from 1800ish onwards also on Sundays.

108FB019, Paul Mac Partick
108CT1967, Simon, Kilwinning, set up on Brown Carrick a few miles south of Ayr.
108TM005, Gary Mobile Glasgow
108TM1313, John - Mauchline
68DT749, Ralf - N.I
108DT048, John
108LR002, Colin - Darnley
108DA079, Mark - Stranraer
108DA147, Kenny - Stranraer
68DR109, Bob - South of Belfast
108DT158, Jack - Dalmellington
108LR083, Will - Saltcoats
108WR01, Eddie - Glasgow
108AW062, Anton - Carluke
108CB17, Scott
108LR002, Ian, Penilee
108LR150, Mick - Penilee?
29LR001, Pat Mc Conville - Eire
68DA011, John

19 brave souls disregarded Friday the 13th hoodoo this week and made it onto the log book which is brilliant! Same time next week folks.
Edited by V8dieselpower, Saturday, 14. April 2018, 19:46.
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108 Charlie Tango 511

Friday 06/04/19.

Tonight was a cracker! Here's the log with a bit of DX to Ireland as well.

1, 108VS1234 Stevie - Gourock
2, 108CT1967 Simon - Kilwinning, set up on Brown Carrick.
3, 108CT200 James - Takmedoon road
4, 108LR069 Colin - Darnley
5, 108CT192 David
6, 108LR033 Brian
7, 108CM047 Chris - Port Glasgow
8, 108LR071 Paul - Partick
9, 108LR002 Ian Penilee
10, 108CT095 Garry - Rosneath
11, 108AW055 John - Wishaw
12, 108CR03 John Ayrshire
13, Davie - Larne (going to join a DX group for a callsign)
14, 108CB017/M Scott Ayr
15, 108WR1 Eddie
16, 108CV009 Ronnie - Carmunnock
17, PA31 Tam - Clydebank
18, AW62 Monty - Carluke
19, 108TM005 Gary - Clydebank
20, 108TM121 Lewis - Wishaw

Good to hear the reports of some 13 Div DX on the band too, things are looking up!

Get you all next week.
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108 Charlie Tango 511

Friday 30/03/18.

Thanks to all station who called in tonight and also to the FBL's (facebook listeners) who tuned in to the live feed from around the world.

108LR002 - Ian
108FE Scotland - Ed
1234 - Stevie
108LR150 - Mick
108LR077 - Brendan
108CT1967 - Simon, Kilwinning.
108LR069 - Colin
108LR071 - Paul
108CT123 - Bill
108WR1 - Eddie
108AW055 - John

Get you all again same time next week. 🤘👍
Edited by V8dieselpower, Saturday, 14. April 2018, 20:15.
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108 Charlie Tango 511

Friday 16/03/18.

Thanks to all who called into tonight's net . Hope to here more next week.
Stations who called ....
Me 108LR 002 Penilee / Hillington
108LR 666 Stuart port Glasgow
108TM paddy in knightswood
108LR150 Mick penilee
108 AT 101 Gary mobile clydebank
104DA101 Roy Dx ...with a little propagation from Corsica island
108LR 069 Colin Darnley
108 CT095 WILLIAM IN Helensburgh.

It's you guys that make the net . Big thanks to all. 73
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108 Charlie Tango 511

Friday 09/03/18.

Thanks to all stations who called in tonight.

1, Flat Earth Scotland - Callum, Dunoon
2, 108CT015 - Wullie, Helensburgh
3, 108CT095/M - Garry, Rosneath
4, 108RC02 - Roddy, Lanarkshire
5, 108AW062 - Monty, Lankarkshire
6, 108/26CT1059/M - Tom, M80 heading to Inverness
7, 108DT928 - Jaimie, Hamilton
8, 108LR002 - Ian, Penilee
9, 108WR - Eddie
10, 108CT198/M - Paul, Partick
11, Keith (Rubicon)
12, 129 Billy
13, 108TP06 - Vincent, Dumbarton
14, 108CT1967 - Simon Thomson
15, Base generator - Andrew, Port Glasgow

It was a busy net so thanks again. It was great to catch me ole mucker again Tom 1059 who was on his way up north and sorry just to miss out on Simon who just got to his spot as the net had shut down and we were mobile heading home.
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108 Charlie Tango 511

Friday 02/03/18. wee video here - https://youtu.be/zyvr53XMR34

Thanks to everyone who participated in tonight's net . Stations were...

Mick LR150 Penilee
eddy WR01 Bishopbriggs .
Colin LR069 Darnley.
Simon CT1967 near Ayr.
CT095 Garry Roseneath mobile.
Ronny CV009 Cathkin braes.

Thanks Stuart 666 for qso via Garry .

Sorry to the stations that tried and never made it ...there was a few but qrm was strong . Don't give up and hope to hear more next Friday
night net . 73 guys de 108LR 002 Glasgow / Paisley border.

Edited by V8dieselpower, Saturday, 14. April 2018, 20:28.
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108 Charlie Tango 511

Friday 23/02/18.

Thanks everyone who called in tonight. After the net ended we even tried some AM which was nice. Wee video of the AM...hopefully!!! - https://www.facebook.com/108LR006/videos/1968465703405367/

108FE001 Callum
108CT095 Garry
108CT1967 Simon
108AT192 Ian
108FB127 Rob
108TP006 Vinny

Keep posted for next week, I'm on Backshift and may run late but Simon might take the chair from Ayrshire. We'll confirm next Friday afternoon.

Have a good week.

Edited by V8dieselpower, Saturday, 14. April 2018, 20:37.
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108 Charlie Tango 511

Friday 16/02/18. Crackin' contact on Jura video here, Jura at 8:13 - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NbbmbzUfVSU&t=325s

Thanks to all stations who called in tonight for net #3

108LR002 Ian McNair, Glasgow
108LR069 Colin Envis, Glasgow
108CT098 Steven Green, Port Glasgow
Base Generator - Andrew Collins, Port Glasgow
108CT095 Garry Freeburn, Rosneath
PA31 Tam, Clydebank
108CT1967 - Simon, Kilwinning
Ian - Isle of Jura
108AT150 - Stuart, Saltcoats

It was great hearing new stations tonight, word is getting about. I'll be back calling CQ next Friday. 73 108CT1642
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108 Charlie Tango 511

Friday 09/02/18. Net No2.

It was a cold one!
Thanks to everyone who called in this evening.

Andy - Base Generator, Port Glasgow
108CT095/M - Garry, Rosneath
108RS002 Wullie, Knightswood Glasgow
108FB127 Rob, Knightswood Glasgow
108CV009 Ronnie, Carmunnock Glasgow

Next week's net will be at normal time of 7-9pm

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108 Charlie Tango 511

Friday 02/02/18.

Thanks very much to the stations who called in to the 1st ever Clyde Valley net tonight, even though of the short notice it was happening.

108CT098 Steven Port Glasgow
108LR002 Ian - Penilee Glasgow
Base generator, Andy - Port Glasgow
108LR069 Colin -Darnley Glasgow
108CT095 Garry Rosneath, Argyle & Bute

I gave it 80 mins before the guys who were left on I could RX/TX from the QTH so I called it a night.
There might not be a net next week due to my shift liable to run over on the back shift, but we will definitely return on Friday 16th Feb.


108CT1642 (108LR666)
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108 Charlie Tango 511

Hopefully I've put all these reports in the correct place, if not I'm sure admin will move them.

Should've been posting them every week but never seem to get round to it.

The net is growing and there are many more contacts coming in and keeping the channel active well after the net winds down at 2100hrs.

Hopefully as word gets out we can get the rest of the UK in there as I can copy North Wales from my perch line of sight and 218 miles to Scott in Westhills Aberdeenshire.

Next weeks net on the 20th should be a cracker hopefully as many of the stations on last night are going for even higher ground and bigger antennas.

Give it a try folks you never know.
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26 Charlie Tango 763

Some good contacts there, Simon. Good luck tomorrow. :thumb:
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108 Charlie Tango 511

Thank you John, if you get a chance listen in there's a good chance you'll hear something or even be able to be heard.

Tonights log

1 - 68DA011 John, Grey Point?
2 - 68CR03 Bob.
3 - 68DT249 Ralph.
4 - 108DT048 John, Irvine.
5 - 108AW62 Monty, Hamilton.
6 - 108TM1313 John, Mauchline.
7 - 108DT158 Jack,
8 - 108LR002 Ian, Cardonald
9 - 108LR193 Dennis, Cardonald (aged 8)
10- 108TM005, Gary.
11 - 108LR071 Paul.
12 - 108CT192 David, Kilsyth.
13 - 108LR083 Will, Stevenston.
14 - 108CB17 Scott, Rankinston.
15 - 68DA104 Geoff, Larne.
16 - No callsign Peter, Airdrie, (Biker Boy)
17 - No callsign Donald, Stonehouse. (Gold digger)
18 - 108CT148 Jim, Carluke.
19 - 108SD030 Ean, Peterhead.
20 - 68DA090 Richard, mobile.
21 - 108DA??? Kenny, Stranrear.
22 - SDX212 Jake, Partick.

Some amazing contacts tonight. Young Dennis 108LR193 by far the youngest in the log and I'm honoured to be his first SSB contact. Jake SDX212 in Partick using a decades old vertical in his loft!!!! was earwigging all night because he didn't think anyone would hear him and only shouted in at the end. The North East guys could hear most of us but conditions were difficult to say the least due to the aurora tonight. Plenty of contacts from 68div too. Thank you to everybody that shouted in and apologies to those I've missed or cocked up.
Normal service will resume next week......73s.
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26 Charlie Tango 2201

Hi. Simon.

Nice log. The new CB scene. Nets all over the country I'm usually on 3 or 4 here in the SW. I pm Mike 295
now & again on the Moray. We can Qso when EU. E skip comes in also Donny on Lewis. & the Northern Isles
There's a lot of op's down here waiting to Qso with you & 108 div. 73s Mike 2201 Yeovil SW.

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26 Charlie Tango 763

A cracking contacts' list there, Simon. :thumb:

Good to see a youngster getting involved too.
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108 Charlie Tango 1642

Good work guys! I'll hopefully be back this Friday if my back shift finishes on time. We're getting near the E skip season too so looking forward to this.

My Youtube Channel: http://www.youtube.com/channel/UCMO6pfu8JcIQN7U72wdI5sA
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108 Charlie Tango 511

Mike we're desperate to get some 26 div in the log. With the ground wave contacts we've been making the last few weeks we should easily be getting 100 plus miles south of the border. Heard about a new net also running tonight on 27.485 but couldn't hear anything. Hopefully get you in the log soon.
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108 Charlie Tango 511

MaY 4th 2018 LOG:

108AW62 - Anton - CARLUKE
108LR002 Ian - Hillington
108KP160 Billy
108CT511 Simon - Ayrshire
108DA079 Mark
108TM005 Gary Clydebank
68DA011 John - Larne
108TM13 John
108LR083 Willie - Saltcoats
108AT6061 Edinburgh
108DT928 Jamie - Carluke
TL17 ??
108LR069 Colin Darnley
108FC027 - Stew (my visitor)
106 Stevie - Coatbridge
108CT197 Scott - Aberdeen
WR1 Eddie (sorry mate, forgot to come back to you)
108NP01 Del
108XX002 Jason - Dundee
68FB003 Davie
108CT095 Garry - Rosneath
68DA011 John
68DT749 Ralf

I count 26 this week, anyone I missed? please add them below. Cheers guys and have a good week.

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26 Charlie Tango 2727

Nice work Simon, seems to be growing every week. I’ll have a listen out next week if possible as conditions are improving it seems. 73.
26CT2727 & 2E0TWD
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26 Charlie Tango 763

Another cracking list, Simon. :thumb:
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