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40uk fm; binatone 5 star
Topic Started: Monday, 12. March 2018, 16:25 (421 Views)
paul smith
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hi whot whould a binatone 5 star mint in box from halfords 82 with all paper work boxed whot worth thanks paul m0kbd
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Have a look at this post in the 'WANTED' section (if you haven't done so already).


Jake has kindly put a link to a (now finished) eBay auction that will show you what you could achieve. Not saying that this is what you would get, but at least you have something to compare it to.

Good luck.

Mike :cheers:
108CT295 on North/North East Scotland Net (https://www.facebook.com/groups/122273285264583/)
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It's hard to put a price on sentiment. If it's in extremely nice condition, It should fetch whatever someone wants to pay for it :p Myself I wouldn't look at it twice. If I had to say anything in it's favour, of all of the Cybernets that where exactly the same as that one. It did have have a lot more style than the others.

I wish you all the best of luck with your sale. 73s and gl
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They are nice radios, but it is probably worth more to a collector than someone who would actually use it. I reckon you would get a tidy sum on ebay. Probably more than what you could get an SSB set for.
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This one on ebay just went for 205:-Click for LINK
Edited by Leurbost2006, Tuesday, 13. March 2018, 11:51.
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