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Problems!; NEED HELP! CB FM set up
Topic Started: Sunday, 12. November 2017, 20:12 (331 Views)
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26 Charlie Tango 2616


Ok peeps. Just installed the new rig in the car and its working ok ish but I think it could be ALOT better. It seems that I have to have to RF Gain to at least 3 O'Clock to really hear others. But then does this not effect me getting out? Basically im hearing people ok but I dont seem to be getting out very well.

Setup is...

- Cobra 29 Lx EU
- Gutter mounted Red Devil whip (whip is on the near side of the car over the front passenger door) https://www.thunderpole.co.uk/large-cb-antennas/thunderpole-red-devil.html
- I have SWR'd BUT I used the built in SWR meter not an external.

1. Should I move the whip? If so where? I do have a mag mount BUT id prefer not to use it as I have to take the whip down when parked up home. The whip can be moved to the rear of the vehicle.
2. External SWR?
3. Anyone used an amp in the car and if so does it really make that much of a difference? Yes i do know about the law...and yes I do know that loads of peeps use em and have had no and or very little trouble with the powers that be.

Cheers guys.

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First things first, wind that RF gain to the max.
I only throttle back the RF gain (or turn on the attenuator) on the lower HF bands ie 7 MHz, 3.5 MHz and 1.8 MHz where the background noise floor is much higher.
Have you scratched the paint away from the screws that clamp the gutter mount to the car to make sure you have a good earth to your aerial.
Remember, the aerial is only half of the antenna system, the other half is the car itself.
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26 Charlie Tango 2616

Cheers Big Tone!

yes theres no paint between the mount and the car baring the paint on the car lol.

I've just ordered a new patch lead and im gonna external SWR see if it makes a difference.

Ive just relised that it could also be because im trapping the coax in the door. Im going to feed it through under the bonnet into the car and see if it makes a difference.

So where the whip is on the car doesn't really make a difference? What about an amp?
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26 Charlie Tango 1760

DO NOT BARE THE METAL. Just allow the screws to cut through it. Cars are covered in a zinc rustproofing. When you sand away to bare metal you create a point where rust can start. When you just allow the grub screws to cut through then the zinc rustproofing seals around them to prevent corrosion.

Where the whip is does matter. The lower down it is the more ground losses you have so the worse signal you put out. If any part of the antenna is shadowed by nearby vertical metal then this can capacitively couple to the antenna making a low SWR impossible.

If you trap the coax in the door you crush it. That alters the SWR as the impedance of the coax is determined by the gap between the outside of the centre conductor and the inside of the braid and pinching the coax alters that. In a worst case scenario you can pinch it so much there is a dead short internally. If your coax has been pinched it is junk and needs replacing.

As for an amp, get your antenna system sorted first then get an amp. An amp won't make you hear better. My mate ran a 250W amp on probably one of the worst installs I've seen. He could barely hear 2 miles down a flat straight motorway and could barely make 3 miles with his transmitted signal. Me and my friend on the other hand with properly installed antenna systems (Sirio 4000 mounted with fixed mount in a hole drilled in the middle of the roof) could easily manage 30 miles mobile to mobile on 4W.
26CT1760 / M0GVZ
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